We don’t do “just any hog roast” you can choose one of our own home fed pigs or for something different maybe a special Yorkshire Dales Lamb Roast or how about a Venison Roast or a even a mixed Beef, Lamb & Pork roast ?

BBQ or barbecue, the world is your Lobster! our own recipe Ultimate Burgers, Pulled Pork, Yorkshire Pickled Beef, Wildman classic sausages, lots of other sausage flavours, Steak & Oyster, Pork & Rhubarb, Pork & Ale, Pork & Honey, Pork & Cider (we made the cider as well!), Pork & Mustard (makes my eyes water when I make these!), Merguez, Toulouse, Yorkshire Chorizo, Minute Steaks, Big fat juicy steaks, Philly steaks, chicken marinades, seasonal fish and seafood, mixed kebabs, special recipes like chorizo & scallops and even vegetarian options…

Yorkshire Chorizo Scotch Eggs, Yorkshire Chorizo Quesadillas, Chorizo Bean Stew and much more…

We can cater for any number from 50 to 500 or more if you want!

We can bring a gazebo, tables, chairs, forks, plates, napkins, apple sauce, homemade stuffing, coleslaw, salads, cheese platters, tea, coffee, cold drinks, salt & pepper, desserts, doughnuts,  puddings or anything else you fancy!

We are available for shows, festivals, high days and holidays, weddings, corporate events a special anniversary or just for your Gran’s birthday bash.